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Turning a home into a smart one doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Rather than investing in pricey kits for the entire house, consider shopping your devices piece by piece. And a great place to start is with your front door.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($175.00, originally $249.99; is a top-of-the-line solution for making a wired doorbell a smart one.

Chances are, you can pop the Doorbell Pro right over the old one you already have, since the device has to tie into a pre-existing wired doorbell for power. This makes installation a minimal, one-time process as you don’t need to swap batteries out.

What exactly does a Ring Video Doorbell do? Essentially it allows you to answer your door from anywhere, at any time. With a wide-angle 1080HD camera on the front, Ring provides a crystal clear view of your front door and even the street straight to your iOS or Android device (when you download its companion app). Its built-in night vision even delivers crips picture in the dark. In addition, its two-way voice function allows you to talk to whoever’s at the door with a push of a button.

Since Amazon owns Ring, you can use your current Echo Shows and Spots to act as viewfinders. And select Echo devices can be set to ring when someone hits the doorbell, making for a very cohesive experience.


Since nobody wants to be continuously pinged, Ring’s motion detection allows you to block off areas that should not set off a notification. For instance, if it’s facing a busy street, sectioning off the road will enable you to turn off notifications for that spot.

Then, if you’re concerned about how the Ring Video Doorbell will look on the outside of your home, you’re in luck. This device comes with four faceplates in satin nickel, pearl, Venetian, and black, so you can pick which design suits your home best.

All-in-all, those with an old hardwired doorbell should really take a look at this 30% off deal (a savings of $74.99). Word to the wise, this is an Amazon Treasure Truck deal, meaning you will need to order it online and pick it up in person during pre-determined times. You can get the deal in select cities (like New York, Philadelphia, and Seattle) until this evening. On the Treasure Truck offer page, you can select a location to pickup up the doorbell from. Generally, the truck stays in each spot for a few hours. Some cities, like Seattle, will even let you grab it from an Amazon Kiosk – talk about instant gratification!

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