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Shop Indochino for sale prices on custom-made suits

For a limited time, Indochino is offering visitors to its site an additional 60% off. Just enter the code "CNN" at checkout to grab a suit from the premium collection for only $299

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Maybe you’re looking to gift someone a dash of style for the holidays, or maybe you just want to add a little life to your own winter wardrobe. (Heck, maybe you’re looking ahead to spring, summer and fall, too – after all, good fashion knows no season.) Whatever your goal, custom, made-to-measure apparel is one of the best ways to up your fashion game. The problem? It tends to cost a pretty penny.

Enter Indochino, one of our favorite brands for custom clothing. For a limited time, Indochino is offering visitors to its site an additional 60% off. Just enter the code “CNN” at checkout to grab a suit from the premium collection for only $299.

This menswear apparel brand began in 2008 as a solution to two age-old issues: finding a suit that fits perfectly — and not paying a small fortune for it. By taking the premium, made-to-measure experience out of the suit shop and directly to consumers, Indochino is able to create a custom, online alternative to off-the-rack clothing – at ready-to-wear prices, no less. Since its rise to online prominence, the company has shown no signs of slowing down, hitting the streets and opening showrooms all around the US and Canada. It currently has 36 (and counting).

How does it work? The process is simple: Create an account and submit your measurements online, or head into one of the many showrooms to get measured up. Your measurements are then stored in your “fit profile,” which is saved and used for future orders to ensure the perfect fit every time. From there, you’re given hundreds of customization options to choose from. We’re talking fabric patterns and colors galore, right down to the number of jacket buttons or pocket style. When you’ve customized everything to your liking, it’s off to the production facilities to be stitched up just for you. Once the assembly starts, you can expect your suit to take a mere two weeks to show up on your doorstep. In the world of custom suiting, that’s the blink of an eye.

Speaking of eyes, here’s what’s catching ours at the moment:


First up, one of Indochino’s latest looks: the Hereford Cavalry Twill Charcoal Suit ($299, originally $799; Made of 100% merino wool and dyed with a subtle, light gray texturing, this versatile suit provides a fresh take on a time-honored classic. Hot tip: You can change options such as the lapel style or lining pattern to truly personalize this style.


Speaking of personalized: If you’re in the market for something a little more adventurous, try the Salford Check Navy Suit ($299, originally $799; on for size. Made from the same merino wool as the charcoal-colored number above, this suit hangs a little heavier, for those of us who dwell farther North. With its bright blue contrasting windowpane design set against a deep navy, this suit is designed for those looking to make an entrance.


Fancy yourself a little more dandyish and debonair? A rich burgundy suit is sure to draw attention, and we love the styling of the Hayward Flannel Burgundy Suit ($299, originally $799; This ultra-soft brushed flannel finish is perfect for colder weather while still keeping your sunny disposition on full display.


Herringbone feels dignified and classy no matter what the occasion, but it’s relatively rare to find it in a lighter fabric like linen. That’s why we’re loving the Charcoal Herringbone Linen Suit ($299, originally $699;, which is perfect for those days when it looks like the temperature will skyrocket. (Or when you find yourself close to the equator.) Need something heavier? This 100% wool Deep Teal Herringbone Suit ($299, originally $799; should do the trick.

So that’s what we’re into – but whatever your taste, rest assured Indochino has the perfect, personalized garment for you. With a seamless shopping experience online and off, this made-to-measure company has become a leader in high-quality, custom garments — all at an unbeatable price.

What are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to suit up.