Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)A dance made of vulnerability. A future too fiery to see. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here's what you might have missed during a busy news week.

Rose McGowan's film "Indecision IV" is the latest in a series of creative endeavors she's been pursuing since she publicly accused producer Harvey Weinstein of rape last year. She distanced herself from Hollywood and found ways to create her own works of art.
    It's Christmastime in Lordstown, but all is not merry. A General Motors auto plant, the largest employer in this northeast Ohio town of 4,000 people, is shutting down. The kids are writing letters to GM's CEO to do something about it.
    beef industry price pkg paton walsh special report vpx_00070505
    Beef isn't good for the planet. But you probably knew that already. So why are we eating more beef than ever? We talked to consumers, butchers and chefs, stakeholders in the industry and scientists about the future of beef.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on a fitness crusade ever since he lifted his first Mr. Universe trophy, he writes for CNN Opinion. While gyms and health clubs are now more accessible, he explains there's still more we can do to motivate people worldwide to live healthy lifestyles.
    They had to move their teenage son, give up three dogs and forfeit equity. Then Wells Fargo wrote with "difficult news" -- there had been a mistake.
    Every man-made thing that burned, burned all the way. That is the powerful first impression driving into Paradise, California, after America's deadliest wildfire in 100 years. The second impression? This could have been so much worse.
      African Voices Samson Ogbole Nigeria soilless farming vision _00004720
      Samson Ogbole is trying to solve a problem many don't know exists. There's a shortage of land needed to provide food for his native Nigeria's ever-growing population. So he's found an unconventional way of farming to work around the problem.