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A winter wonderland is a dreamy sight to wake up to on a cold morning. And opening the door long enough to update your Instagram story is comfortable enough.

But trekking, commuting or playing in the wintry snow mix? That requires strategic planning and investing in reputable warm accessories.

Amazon has you covered with a plethora of gloves, wraps, hats, boots, jackets and more from a variety of major, trusted retailers. For stocking up your own closet or keeping those you love toasty from head to toe, consider these smart purchases.

Note: The prices below reflect the listed retailers’ prices at the time of publication.

Gaiam Harlow Yoga Wrap (starting at $36.99;

Even after you peel off every last snow-dusted layer at your office, you’re still freezing as you rattle through the morning’s email. It’s smart to keep some sort of wrap at your desk, so you can add a layer of heat when you need it. This simple and sleek wrap from Gaiam is as ideal for your post-yoga wardrobe as it is for work. Soft, understated and complementary to any outfit. Just keep it near.

Ciao Bella Knit Beanie ($39;

Between whipping up cookies (or ahem — buying them) for the office gathering or your kiddo’s classroom party, you haven’t had much time to knit gifts. Or perhaps, you lack interest to pick up the pastime in the first place. You can still reap the glow when you purchase this handmade, lightweight pack. Made in Aspen, Colorado, this beanie and glove duo are soft to the touch, while remaining practical for commuting or browsing through boutiques in the cold. The e-Tip on the sleek black gloves mean you can keep your hands covered while you answer a text or check Facebook while you wait in line.

Eddie Bauer Women’s Radiator Fleece Gloves ($21;

Having a pair of fleece gloves is a necessity for subpar temperatures. These delicate beauties come in three styles and two sizes, and are complete with a quick-release clip to attach them when you’re not wearing them. For those who don’t have the extra brainpower (or time) to dry clean winter gear, you’ll also appreciate the fact they’re washer — and dryer — friendly. Win, win!

Reef Women’s Voyage Ankle Boot ($145;

For checking off your holiday list — once, twice, or as many times as you please — you need cozy kicks that make being on your feet for hours pain-free. This mid-ankle boot is a winter staple, thanks to the flexible, malleable leather and a classic design. If you live in an area where weather is unpredictable, you don’t have to worry about ruining these boots, since they’re waterproof and come with extra traction to prevent slips and falls.

Vionic Gemma Plush Slipper ($79.95,

At first, you might not consider a slipper a necessity for winter, but you’ll change your tune when you hop out of bed to hardwood floors and feel the chill go up your legs. Especially when you slip your feet into these — which happen to be one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2018! What sets this pair apart is the faux fur footbed that surrounds your feet in a soft cushion, as well as the rubber outsole for more support. This not only ensures your feet aren’t ice cubes by bedtime, but it can help reduce foot fatigue that can be caused by hard floors.

Tani USA Silkcut Thermal Underwear Set ($85;

Thermal underwear isn’t the most interesting item you can add to your Amazon cart, but it definitely gets five stars for practicality. This silk cut thermal set for men is soft, lightweight and serves many purposes. Whether you pull these on for a long winter’s nap or layer the set underneath your skiing gear, you’ll seal your natural body temperature. When you’ve been on the slopes for a few hours, you’ll be glad you invested in a pair (or three).

K2 Maysis Heat Snowboard Boots ($449.95;

There are some folks who take the arrival of winter as the only permission they need to hibernate with Netflix for a few months. Then, there are the snow bunnies who countdown the days until a long weekend at their beloved lodge. If you fall into this sector of the population, you need to seriously consider these rechargeable snowboard boots that last up to 17 hours on low and eight hours on high. Not only do they feature a soft liner, but all of this tech means you can spend more time working on your skills and less trying to forget how cold you are.

Merrell Women’s Tremblant Mid Polar Waterproof Snow Boot (starting at $98;

If you’re in the Midwest, the Northeast or many areas of the East Coast, you know how vital a solid pair of winter boots are to maintaining your happiness from November until March. Though booties have a purpose in women’s wardrobes, so do tough, waterproof and insulated pairs like these. Made of 100 percent leather with a rubber sole and faux fur, they’ll keep your feet safe from the snow, while also pairing well with your mostly-black winter fashion style. Depending on how high the snow piles, you can roll them up for even more protection.

Spyder Men’s Vital Gore-Tex Conduct Ski Glove (starting at $75;

For when your children beg you to build them a snowman, or your friends talk you into a last-minute cabin getaway, pack these ski gloves for adventures in the great snowy outdoors. Waterproof and breathable, your hands will remain at a normal body temperature without causing a case of the sweats. As a bonus, these also feature a removable stretch fleece liner to make washing easier and a zippered pocket meant for a heater pack.

Ravean Women’s Down Heated Jacket with Mobile Charging Outlet Detachable Hood & Battery ($249.99;

Have you ever stood during a holiday parade, wishing (and hoping and dreaming) you could have brought your space heater? You can stop shivering and start

celebrating, since now, you can! This lightweight and water-resistant winter jacket gives you the ability to charge various parts of your body when you need it, thanks to a built-in battery pack. If your chest is cold, but not your back, you can target one area at a time, so you don’t get cold or overheat. You can set your sections on high, medium or low, ensuring you’re just right, no matter where you are. If you want your phone to stay as warm as you are, a built-in charging pack comes in handy, too.

Kari Traa Blush Baselayer Bottom (starting at $59.99;

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, while you’re lounging by the fire or when you’re preparing the only casserole you’ve mastered, these wool winter bottoms will be your best friend. They’re soft, comfortable and feature warming jacquard knit that is effective on its own or when paired with layers. With many fun patterns, it’s OK to go ahead and dream of the Instagram posts.

Land’s End Women’s Squall Insulated Winter Parka ($179;

Staying warm through all of the winter mixes, heavy snowfall, flurries and sleet means investing in a quality coat. This parka from Land’s End is fit for Alaska, but also your backyard, featuring everything you would want in an outer layer. With a waterproof and windproof nylon shell to a fleece lining and an internal zipper that keeps even more heat in and wind out, you will be prepared for it all.

NAOT Footwear Women’s Alaska Winter Boot ($239.95;

One of the most trusted names in travel footwear, NAOT is known for making crafted shoes that you can wear for miles and miles. Its winter collection is no exception, featuring patented technology that wards against slips and cold weather. What does this mean? The structure of the boot features its ‘OC Grip System,’ which reinforces safety and traction when you’re walking on slippery sidewalks. The internal heating fabric can keep you secure even when it’s 4 degrees below zero.

Stance Whitmore Snow Socks ($22.90;

Issue: you’re really, really cold. Another issue: you know how to get warm, but all of the thick winter socks you’re finding don’t go with your outfit. Kill two problems with one purchase when you pick these beautiful snow socks. There are a variety of chic designs to pick from, but these show off Whitmore Mountain in Washington, while others feature the galaxy and more. Made of synthetic fibers, your toes will be happy and warm.

Conner Hats Mt. Warning Hat (starting at $25.86;

For when your wanderlust takes you outside, let this 100 percent wool hat ensure your head stays dry. Featuring organic cotton and available in a laundry list of colors, you can channel your inner mountain man as you go sledding, build a snowman or merely admire the serenity of the outdoors.

Chico’s Women’s Reversible Infinity Scarf ($39.50;

While this scarf isn’t meant to protect you from the elements, it will pair nicely with your candlelight yoga flow class. Lightweight, soft and available in bright colors, you can add this as a pop of color to your dreary winter wardrobe, or keep it in your bag for when your neck gets cold. If you have a habit of accidentally spilling hot cocoa (or anything) on yourself, you’ll also enjoy the fact this scarf is machine washable.