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A sweater from our perennial fashion favorite Eileen Fisher is a special thing, perfect for just about every cold-weather activity you can think of, from lounging beside an open fire with a mug of hot cocoa to pounding the pavement at your favorite outdoor holiday market. (We’re partial to indoor snuggling ourselves when the mercury plummets, but, you know, different strokes.)

However you do you this winter, Eileen Fisher has your need for warmth and comfort covered. We’re talking cashmere that’s exquisite and buttery to the touch, wool like soft clouds, and cotton so cozy you’ll want to sleep in it.

That’s why we’re excited about the site’s current sale, with 20% off full-priced sweaters now through December 12. Pretty timely, if you ask us!

Still, if you’re not feeling sweaters, there’s plenty else out there in the Eileen Fisher fashion universe. For starters, there’s The System — a set of eight pieces (four pant styles, two shells, a tank and a tank dress) that act in harmony as a modular wardrobe. And no matter what you’re into, you can be sure your clothes have been ethically sourced, created with organic fabrics and dyes, manufactured with humane working conditions and labor standards, and forged from a supply chain that strives to be virtuous, not vicious. The company even has an innovative clothing recycling program.

Below you’ll see a mix of some of our favorites, from the sweater family and otherwise:

Lofty Recycled Cashmere Box-Top ($318.40, originally $398; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

It’s the fun, classic striping that caught our eye on this one. After all, it’s already dark and gloomy outside, so why not add some festive flair to an otherwise bleak few months? Plus, this top is Responsible by Design, which means it meets Eileen Fisher’s highest standard for environmental or social impact. Somehow that seems appropriate to the holiday spirit, don’t you think?

Recycled Cotton Speckle Round Neck Top ($142.40, originally $178; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

It’s a good thing there are so many winter holidays: Most of us need a little extra holiday spirit to get us through the cold. We feel similarly about the speckles on this sweater. They’re just right for those days when you need something a little bit magical. The echoes of Donnegal tweed and timeless ribbed trim at the neck, cuffs and hem make this one contemporary and classic at once, just like the best of holiday traditions.

Organic Cotton Chenille Hooded Sweater ($150.40, originally $188; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

Chenille is a wonderful, velvety fabric with a gorgeous tufted texture that screams comfort. And comfort is what this hooded sweater has in spades, with a snug drawstring hood and boxy cut prefect for chilly winter days. We’re pretty sure once this goes on it’s not coming off easily, thanks to its generous slouchy-chic styling and get-me-a-mug-of-hot-chocolate-already vibe.

Luxe Merino Stretch Turtleneck ($206.40, originally $258; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

A classic black turtleneck belongs in every closet, and this one’s got some nice contemporary features like a skin-skimming stretchy knit that does elegance one better by adding convenience and comfort to an already-venerable look. Who says you have to suffer for fashion, anyway?

Washable Wool Notch Collar Cardigan ($189, previously $358; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

Stuff that does only one thing at a time is so passé. A phone was once just for calling, but not anymore. Now you can pay for parking, shop for clothes and videochat Grandma all from the same device. It’s a sensibility this cardigan shares, moonlighting as a jacket with the lapels, pockets and button front you might expect from a blazer, but not a sweater. Why do one thing when you can have it all?

Chelsea Wedge Bootie in Fleece ($275; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

There’s just about nothing sadder than subpar boots in inclement weather. Fortunately, the Chelsea exists. We love this incarnation with its soft speckled fleece and thick wedge heel. It’s got the traction you need without sacrificing good looks and classic styling.

Yellow 108 Eastwood Hat in Merino Wool ($108; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

So what if it’s winter? We love this hat.

Cozy Viscose Cashmere Silk Diamond Sock ($24; eileenfisher.com)

Eileen Fisher

Can you say holiday party? These socks can.

Note: The prices above reflect the listed retailer’s information on the date this article was originally published.