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Phoebe Robinson is U2’s biggest fan, a worshipper of all things Oprah, and someone with an unapologetic love of “the Aidan years” of “Sex and the City.”

This “2 Dope Queens” host was not the best student in school, but she loved “The West Wing,” so it made it feel, in her word, “studious.”

She refers to Michael B. Jordan as her potential baby daddy. It used to be Michael Fassbender.

These are all things you learn about Robinson, a comedian, author and podcaster, in just a few minutes if you ask the right questions. She speaks like she has nothing to hide and her comedy is a reflection of the openness with which she seemingly operates.

There’s a whole section in her book, “Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay,” where she writes about how everyone has what she calls “trash tendencies” – like watching “The Bachelor” or getting gassy during massages. In these low-brow moments, she says, we should find a common ground instead of shame.

“I think the value in sharing that is, it sort of makes all of us feel like, ‘I’m not alone. I’m not some big old garbage pile, and everyone else is amazing,’” she says. “I think people can laugh at my mistakes and see themselves in them.”

The Ohio native’s approach to humor can make the comedy club feel like your hilarious best friend’s bedroom. You walk out feeling lighter somehow.

She doesn’t hesitate when asked who she sees as her target audience.

Pop culture fans, certainly. People who care about “the greater good,” those who can laugh at themselves, and anyone who is willing to learn a little bit about the world around them.

Absolutely. And “Riverdale” fans.

“I’m going to say ‘Riverdale’ teens to early 40s, early 50s,” she says. Then quickly adds: “I mean, Oprah’s a fan. So maybe I’m universal?”