Officer Robert Lofgran cuddled an infant and watched two more children as their mother filled out paperwork for a domestic violence report.
CNN  — 

Going to a police station to file a domestic violence report is difficult enough. But imagine trying to do it with three small children in tow.

That’s the challenge a mother faced earlier this month when she showed up at the West Jordan, Utah, Police Department.

But the mom got some welcome – and unexpected – emergency child care when an officer offered to look after her kids while she talked to a victim advocate and filled out paperwork.

Records clerks snapped a photo of Officer Robert Lofgran cradling the woman’s baby. Since the West Jordan Police Department posted it on Facebook it’s been widely shared and attracted thousands of likes.

“It isn’t easy for women to seek help in escaping an abusive situation at home …” said one Facebook commenter. “Cheers to her for her bravery, and to this officer for his compassion.”

West Jordan Sgt. J.C. Holt said the process of filing a domestic abuse report can be a lengthy one and Lofgran’s help was what allowed the mother to get it done.

“We are grateful for the highlight and glad for officers like Officer Lofgran,” Holt told CNN. “But what you see is really standard. All our officers are this way. It’s a typical day in the office, it really is.”

Lofgran has been with the department for less than two years, he said.

Holt says he’s grateful for “whenever we get the chance to … humanize this profession a little bit (and show) we have police officers that care.”

Holt added that it’s important to officers to help people any way they can – especially in cases like this one.

“It was super hard for this woman to come into the police station,” he said. “Her children were all under the age of 5 and we admire her courage. If you need help, come in, involve us and give us a chance to help you.”