The 35 most shocking lines from Donald Trump's Mississippi speech

President Donald Trump encourages voters to support Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in runoff race against Democrat Mike Espy at a rally Monday, Nov. 26, 2018, in Biloxi, Miss. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

(CNN)On Monday, President Donald Trump traveled to Mississippi to rally support for Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) on the eve of her runoff race against former Rep. Mike Espy (D). Trump made two stops in the Magnolia State -- first in Tupelo and then in Biloxi.

It was vintage Trump -- unapologetic, unmoored from the facts and cheered as a hero by his supporters. I went through the transcript from his Biloxi speech and picked out the 35 most noteworthy lines. They're below.
1. "Wow, this is great. Look, snow. I didn't know what was going on. This is -- I said, you sure this is indoor? That beautiful snow looks so real."
    And away we go!
    2. "That's the end of my suit. That's the end of the hair for tonight."
    Is he aware the microphone is, uh, on?
    3. "This is a big -- this is a big, beautiful arena, and they have thousands of people outside, and this place is packed."
    In Donald Trump's world, there are ALWAYS thousands of people waiting outside to see him. For the record: The arena where Trump held his Biloxi rally can fit 13,000 people.
    4. "And I can tell you, I'm meeting constantly with foreign leaders, and they walk in, and they say, Mr. President, it's incredible what's happened with your country in such a short period of time."
    Two thoughts on this: 1) I am somewhat skeptical that this happens 2) If it does happen, my guess is that these "foreign leaders" have realized that the best way to get what they want out of Trump is to flatter the hell out of him.
    5. "Today, right now, more Americans are working in our country than at any time before. So that's a big thing. That's a big thing."
    This is true! It is also misleading! More Americans are working than ever before because there are more Americans than ever before. It's like saying that I am older than I have ever been before. It's true. But not meaningful.
    6. "You know, we had a fantastic evening and day very recently, the midterms. We got very little credit from the fake news media."
    Republicans lost control of the House and are headed to a 40-seat net defeat. They won two Senate seats -- in a national map in which there were more Democrats running in states Trump won in 2016 (10) than there were Republican incumbents running total (nine). They lost six governorships and hundreds of state legislative seats. These are all facts.
    7. "They talked about the House, but the people I campaigned for in the House, which was very few, I can't -- look, I'm one person."
    True! He is one person!
    8. "We got very little credit. But we actually -- if we win tomorrow, we go 53-47. And nobody can believe it."
    I am not sure who this "nobody" is, but a Republican two-seat gain in 2018 was foreseen by lots and lots of neutral political handicappers. Again, there were 26 Democratic seats on the ballot -- including 10 in states Trump won -- as compared to just nine Republicans seats. It was the map of a lifetime for Republicans -- and they netted two seats.
    9. "We almost won in four states that a lot of people said don't bother, you can't win. I said, let's give it a shot."
    It's not clear what states he's talking about but, presumably, Trump is referring to the Senate. And the states that Republicans targeted in 2018 were the 10 states Trump carried in 2016 that were represented by Democrats. And no one said that they shouldn't bother doing that. In fact, it's Politics 101 to go after those seats.
    10. "And I'll tell you, a little -- a little tricky business going on. But let's give them the benefit of a doubt, right?"
    Just the President of the United States floating the idea that election fraud stole close elections from Republicans with zero proof! Nothing to see here, folks!
    11. "Seven months ago, [Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant] took me around to see things, and then he showed me something that he's maybe the most proud of all of, the African American Museum."
    That tour must have really left a big impression on Trump! So much so that he got the name of the museum totally wrong. The museum in Mississippi is the Civil Rights Museum. The National Museum of African American History and Culture is in Washington, DC.
    12. "[Lindsey Graham] said things that were said not only so well, the meaning of what he said really changed the course of that event, and now we have a great, great Supreme Court Justi