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Updated Monday, November 26, 2018 at 5:18 PM
PHOTO: Amazon

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The American commercial genius responsible for inventing new shopping holidays has a resourceful and canny gift.

Take Cyber Monday, the once lowly Monday after Thanksgiving, when we used to roll into work turkey-sated, sluggish and bedimmed after the holiday’s bright glow. It’s been elevated to a Black Friday encore stuffed with the same killer deals that established the first go-around as a holiday fixture. These things are like ratchets that only tighten one way, after all. Now that Cyber Monday has joined the pantheon of American holidays, there’s no going back.

That’s a good thing for consumers, since it gives us another at-bat with deals we were too shy to pull the trigger on the first time. Plus, buyer’s remorse is a real thing, so why not return that dress you were a little too excited about on Friday for something a little more you this Monday?

The point is, however you do Cyber Monday, great deals abound. There’s someone in your life who needs presents and it’s more pleasant to shop from your pajamas (or alt-tabbed from your office cubicle) than from in the post-apocalyptic storm that is your average Black Friday horde.

We’ve aggregated a few of our favorite deals below. Don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday fashion deals, scoring big savings on some of your favorite clothing brands.


There’s no accounting for taste, and nowhere is that truism truer than in what we wear. Brave is the soul who attempts to plumb Aunt Judith’s sweater sense, demystify your new boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s denim desires or pick out the right shade for a mother-in-law’s scarf. And yet with great risk comes great reward. The right fashion gift has the potential to keep on giving with each wear throughout the year. And with these deals, you don’t need to fear. The prices are so right, why not cover your bases and pick up a few?


Fickle, flamboyant, phlegmatic or unflappable, the women in our lives come in all shapes and sizes. That’s a good thing. After all, isn’t diversity so much more fun, complex and interesting? Yes, yes and yes — although, let’s be real, all that variety can make gift giving a bit of a headache. Where do you begin? Fortunately, we’re confident there’s something among the gifts below that will charm and delight a lovely lady you know. Good luck!