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Trump takes jab at justice in call with troops
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President Donald Trump will be spending some of his Thanksgiving weekend at Mar-a-Lago talking to potential candidates for positions in his administration.

Speaking to reporters Thursday morning, Trump was asked if he would be interviewing people this week for administration jobs.

“Yeah, we’ll have a few. Very happy with my Cabinet and people that work for me,” he said, but added, “I’ll probably be changing a couple, maybe a few.”

“But very little. Overall, we’re very happy,” Trump told reporters.

CNN reported last week that Trump is eyeing replacements for chief of staff John Kelly and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. He also has yet to nominate a permanent replacement for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with Matthew Whitaker serving in an acting capacity.

Trump did not say which positions he was talking to candidates about or who would be visiting the Florida resort.

“We have a great Cabinet,” the President said. “We have absolute stars.”

The President said the people who serve in his administration have gone on to be successful after leaving their positions, and pointed to former White House communications director Hope Hicks as an example. “She’s become a very important person in the outside world,” Trump said. In October, Hicks accepted a job at Fox as the executive vice president and chief communications officer.

“People like doing interviews here,” Trump said, referring to Mar-a-Lago as the “Southern White House.”