Type 2 diabetes affects nearly 7,000 young people in the UK

More than one-third of children in England are obese or overweight by the time they leave primary school.

London (CNN)Type 2 diabetes usually develops in adults, but a recent analysis has found a startling uptick among the under-25s. A rise in obesity is believed to be the main driver behind the rise.

The new figures show that 6,836 people under the age of 25 in England and Wales were reported to have the chronic condition in 2016-17, based on numbers treated in pediatric hospital units and primary care practices.
Type 2 diabetes is much more aggressive in children and young people than in adults, according to the charity Diabetes UK, which released the data Thursday, leading to a higher risk of complications, such as amputations, sight loss, stroke and kidney failure.
The bulk of the cases were young people in puberty or just after puberty, said Libby Dowling, Diabetes UK's senior clinical adviser.
    40 million people with diabetes will be left without insulin by 2030, study predicts