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On the eve of the US midterm elections, late night hosts prepared for the big day by making jokes and trying to ease the anxiety with a nice glass of bourbon.

“In America’s ongoing bitter divorce, the big question is ‘Who’s getting the House?’” Stephen Colbert said, kicking off CBS’ “The Late Show” on Monday night.

The host explained that Democrats are feeling “alarmingly confident” going into Tuesday’s elections, with many polls having them reclaiming the House of Representatives. Yet, Colbert was still worried.

“Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Knock on wood,” Colbert said before drinking from his glass. “Yes, this is bourbon, but it’s barrel aged.”

He added that after all the projections, polls and predictions, he just wanted to know how Tuesday would play out.

“I need to know! We can figure this out! Modern statistical analysis can tell me exactly who is going to win tomorrow so I can sleep tonight,” the host said.

Jimmy Kimmel opened ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” by telling his viewers he was looking forward to the end of the long election lead-up.

“I’ve had enough. I have gotten more emails this week from the Beto O’Rourke campaign than from my mother, my father, my children and my wife combined,” he said, referring to the Democrat who’s challenging Sen. Ted Cruz for his Texas seat.

But Kimmel stressed to his audience the importance of taking part in the election Tuesday.

“It is important that you vote, and that you bully your friends and family into voting,” he joked. “There’s a lot at stake tomorrow. And for President Trump, that steak is well done and slathered in ketchup.”

Kimmel also showed clips of people on the street last week who lied about having already voted.

“Just to be clear, the people you’re about to see are not early voters,” he said. “These are just people who are falsely claiming that they went to their polling place that morning.”

As for Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, the “Daily Show” host was actually a little excited for election day.

“I don’t know how your family celebrates, but I like to put on my ugly voting day sweater, and I watch that episode of Charlie Brown where he gets purged from voter rolls,” Noah said.

He observed that you can tell that these midterm elections are particularly important just by how many celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey are pitching in to help get people to the polls.

“Damn, Oprah coming to your door and asking for your vote. That has to be the most effective thing ever,” Noah said. “Seriously, like, if Oprah showed up at my house and asked me to do anything, you better believe I’m doing it … and I mean anything.”