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For many people, the holidays mean a trip home to spend time with friends and family over some delicious food. However, not everyone has the luxury of being among loved ones this holiday season. And those who can’t are likely to feel a little – or a lot – homesick.

One company is hoping to cure those holiday blues with customized candles that can remind you of your home city or home state. Homesick offers specialized candles that tap into your sensory memory through nostalgic scents that can remind you of the place where you grew up. These aromas include states, cities, countries, and certain holidays and occasions.

Even though it sounds a bit far-fetched, Homesick may be on to something. Scent is closely tied to memories and a whiff of a familiar smell can easily transport you to a specific place or time in your memory, the same way smelling pumpkin spice in your latte can remind you of sitting with family members at the Thanksgiving table.

Homesick’s offerings range from the humorous (its Homesick Jewish Christmas Candle is said to smell of “buttered popcorn and a movie at the local theater followed by an overindulgence of Chinese food”) to the sentimental (the Colorado Candle features spruce needles, spices, cedar, cinnamon, amber and melting snow to remind you of picturesque winters). Some of our favorites, aside from the 50 states, include Grandma’s Kitchen, Books, Friday Night Football and Holiday candles. The candles are reasonably priced at just $29.95 and are eligible for Prime free shipping.

The candles are made in the US from all-natural soy wax and feature 60 to 80 hours of overall burn time. Each is fitted with a signature, minimalist label. Plus, they’re just plain pretty to look at.

These candles would make a great gift or stocking stuffer, or to treat yourself if you’ll be away from your loved ones this holiday. They’ll make you feel like you’re right at home, even if you’re far from it.