Super Chewer
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Not all chew toys are created equal. Every dog owner has had to face that fact at one time or another while staring down into a pile of a disemboweled teddy bear or the blitzkrieged remains of what was a bone. And some us have a need for the strong stuff — for the hard liquor of chew toys, if you will. Our dogs were made for chompin’, after all.

Enter Super Chewer, a subscription box service from Bark that is tailor made for the most hard-chewin’ of pups.

The price is right, too. Subscribe for as low as $28 a box and receive at least 50 bucks worth of goods each month. Customers should know that while they are billed upfront, after choosing between a one-, three-, six- and 12-month subscription, the price per month can be as low as $28. Each curated box comes with two super-durable, designed-in-NYC “Tough Toys,” two bags of treats and two all-natural meaty chews. And never fear: These come in small, medium or large options to match the size of your dog. What’s not to love?

And for a limited time, you can score an even better deal. Sign up now through November 18th for a 6 or 12-month plan, and your first box will be a double-sized limited edition holiday box. This includes extra Grinch-themed toys, treats and chews in each box. Consider giving a gift to a friend – or for your own furry loved one – just in time for the holidays!

Monthly themes like “The Knights of the Hound Table” (picture sword- and castle-shaped chew toys accompanied by “Friar Hogg’s Hearty Stew” sticks) and “Age of the Furaoh” (think treat pyramids and mummy chews) keep things fun for both hound and human.

Super CHewer

While our dogs might be more interested in squeaks and smells, we can appreciate the care put into each month’s aesthetic and overall design. It’s always delightful, clever and beautifully cohesive. The attention to detail is much appreciated.

Did we mention that if any toy is destroyed, Bark will send a new one at no charge? When these guys say these toys are heavy duty, they mean it.

And don’t forget to sign up. Your chew-crazy dog has finally met its match.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.