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Coach is shedding some fur. The luxury fashion brand has pledged to stop using real mink, fox, coyote and rabbit fur in its products by fall 2019.

Coach CEO Joshua Schulman called the move a “truly meaningful milestone for the brand” in a statement.

The fur-free pledge made Tuesday is part of the company’s corporate responsibility goals, which were introduced three years ago along with a new animal welfare policy.

Fur is a small part of Coach’s bottom line, and accounts for just 1% of sales, a spokesperson for Coach said.

Coach, which is owned by Tapestry (TPR), isn’t the first high-end company to ban fur. Burberry, Versace, and Gucci have announced similar fur-free policies within the last year. The moves come in response to declining fur sales in the United States. Customers are no longer shopping for it.

Other animal fabrics are also being shunned by major clothing companies.

In May, H&M and Zara said they were banning mohair wool following accusations of animal cruelty.

Coach said it will still use those furs, which drew criticism from PETA.