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Trump: Democrats have turned into 'angry mob'

Editor’s Note: Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM radio’s daily program “The Dean Obeidallah Show” and a columnist for The Daily Beast. Follow him @DeanObeidallah. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion articles on CNN.

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Donald Trump has apparently decided that the best way to energize his base to vote this November is to paint the other side as an “angry mob.” In fact, on Saturday at a rally in Nevada, Trump ratcheted up the scare tactics by hysterically declaring that Democrats are an “angry, ruthless, unhinged mob.”

Dean Obeidallah

Well, Trump is partly right – many of the people planning to vote against the GOP this election day are angry. But they aren’t an “angry mob.” They’re “angry moms.” And these outraged mothers appear ready to vote in big numbers for Democrats this midterm in order to send a message that they strongly disapprove of Trump.

Just check out what women are telling us about the upcoming midterm election. A CNN poll released this month stunningly found that 63% said they would be voting for the Democratic candidate on November 6, compared to 33% who said they’re more likely to vote for the Republican. If those numbers hold up, Democrats will see the biggest percentage of female voters casting ballots in the House race for them in midterm history! (Or at least since that data started being collected in 1976.)

And a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll also made it clear women are no fans of Trump, with a whopping 62% saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing as President (compared to only 45% of men who disapprove of Trump). You get the idea: Women really don’t like Trump and they appear poised to take it out on GOP candidates.

Now, these polls don’t tell us if the women opposed to Trump are mothers, but callers to my SiriusXM radio show and posts on social media by self-identified mothers make it very clear there’s a building wave of “angry moms” coming for the GOP on Election Day.

For instance, on Saturday I received a barrage of responses from angry mothers when I tweeted: “It’s not “Angry Mobs” it’s “Angry Moms” who as polls show are angry at Trump for his sexism, racism and corruption.”

One mom responded on Twitter: “This angry mom is gassing up her minivan today so she can early vote on Monday after she drops the kids off at school. #AngryMoms.”

Another wrote, “I am an Angry Mom, and as such, I have made sure my adult children will be voting early, and blue as well!” And it went on from there with tweets like: “All I know is that I’m a mom three times over and I’m angry as hell.”

Even grandmas got into the mix with tweets like: “You got that right, this angry mom and grandma will be voting blue. My family deserves sooo much better than this,” while another added: “Angry grandparents too! We will fight for our four granddaughters future.”

So why are these moms so upset at Trump? One mom made her reasoning clear when she cited Trump and the GOP’s attacks on health care: “I’m one of the #AngryMoms who has a 9-year-old cancer survivor and am sick and tired of Republicans trying to destroy #PreExistingCondition coverage and then LYING about it!”

Another slammed Trump’s racism, sexism and corruption: “I am done putting up with the rampant racism, misogyny, & corruption & I won’t rest until it’s all been rooted out. #AngryMoms.”

And a mom who also identified as a military veteran touched on various issues in one tweet: “Our kids no longer want to be fearful attending schools, know the effects of Climate Change and cannot believe that anyone’s mom would support the Misogynist-in-Chief!”

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    I think you get the idea – these moms are infuriated. And Trump trying to dismiss and delegitimize their concerns with his new slogan “JobsNotMobs” appears to be further energizing these mothers to vote. After all, these are our moms and they deserve to be heard, not dismissed as a mob by Trump and the GOP’s new cutesy rhyming slogan.

    All of us know that moms have a long memory, and when you combine the polling data with the raw emotion Trump evokes, it seems that action is inevitable. So, come November 6, I doubt you’ll see an “angry mob” at the polls. But you’re sure likely to see a lot of Democratic voting #AngryMoms.