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On the bag: Gary Player
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He turns 83 later this year, but golf great Gary Player shows no signs of slowing down.

Player, a nine-time major winner, can still be seen regularly gracing golf courses around the world – a longevity which is due in no small part to his vigorous exercise regime.

“I still work out hard. I work as hard at 82 as I did when I was 25,” Player, now the oldest living Open champion, tells CNN Living Golf.

“I’ve watched my diet particularly carefully. I’ve also exercised profusely. I keep moving. Today they’re all working out with weights like I did. I was criticized severely, almost ridiculed. I’m still using weights.

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“Yesterday I pushed 250-pounds with my legs, I did 1,000 crunches and sit-ups for my core. There’s no question that if you exercise, whatever you do, you last longer.”

So it sounds like it might be hard work keeping up with Player on the golf course?

CNN Living Golf host Shane O’Donoghue had the chance to caddy for the South African at this year’s Gary Player Invitational tournament in Wentworth, UK.

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On the way round, Player divulged his top tips on club selection, playing out of bunkers, and the secret to sinking the perfect putt.