Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)An ugly time in America's history. A force even Hurricane Michael couldn't stop. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here's what you might have missed during a busy news week.

TV is finally recognizing that even fictional characters have to worry about money. But even with shows, like "The Conners" and "Atlanta," TV still has more work to do when it comes to portraying the so-called middle class.
    A growing number of young designers identify their fashion labels as "gender fluid." Through their clothing designs, they're questioning outdated ideas about identity, culture and race.
    Tens of thousands of Women's March activists were targeted by a Facebook scam run not by the Russian trolls but from Bangladesh, a CNN investigation found. This highlights the challenges facing both Americans and companies like Facebook as bad actors use social media to tap into the partisan nature of politics for financial or political gain.
    Millions of families started swarming across America's border, fleeing poverty or seeking political asylum. But many people were repelled by their presence. That scenario is a description of one of the most shameful episodes in American history.
    There is no assembly line here. It wouldn't make sense, since only a few cars are being built here at any one time. It's an "atelier," not a factory. A little pretentious, maybe, but the word fits. This is the home of Bugatti.
    Women like Shahba Shahrukhi are determined to take matters into their own hands and lead the charge, no matter the cost, writes Lauren Bohn for CNN Opinion. As our news cycle continues to center on an increasingly autocratic US administration, their fights cannot be ignored.
    A red tide continues to move northward along Florida's east coast. Fish that have been choked by these harmful algae blooms are washing up on beaches. Some had hoped that the wind and swells from Hurricane Michael would help dissipate the red tide. That's not the case.
      Rapper T.I. stooped to Donald Trump's level when he tweeted a music video clip of a Melania lookalike stripping in the Oval Office, Jill Filipovic writes. The point was to stick it to the President. But the means was the same tool the President uses: Misogyny.