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Naadam cuts out the middleman and avoids steep markups on cashmere

The company's fibers are about 30% longer than typical Grade A cashmere

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Cashmere has pretty much always been synonymous with luxury, generally with a price tag to match. Sure, you can find affordable options out there. But these are typically are made with a blend of other materials or with low-quality cashmere. And they tend to pill or fray after just a few wearings. To get the real deal – 100% quality cashmere, soft and fine but also incredibly durable – can run you a few hundred bucks.

That’s something Naadam, a direct-to-consumer company, is hoping to change. To create its signature cashmere, the company utilizes long, ethically sourced fibers of cashmere (the longer the fibers, the longer the fabric lasts). The company says its fibers are about 30% longer than your typical Grade A cashmere. This helps prevent your sweater from pilling or wearing out. And the thinness of the fibers makes the material super soft to the touch.

Other things you can feel good about while sporting this ultracozy cashmere: Naadam utilizes sustainable practices, uses clean energy to power its production facilities, pays its nomadic herders a fair wage, and avoids harsh chemicals or bleaches. And a percentage of the profits is invested in ways to protect the company’s Mongolian herders.


But what’s really caught our eye is Naadam’s business model, which cuts out the middleman and avoids those steep markups on cashmere. Take its recently released cashmere sweater, aptly named The $75 Sweater. This fall staple is made from the 100% premium cashmere fibers the company prides itself on using, which help the sweater retain its coziness and its overall look. It comes in a variety of colors to suit, and in two different designs, crewneck and V-neck.

After testing out the $75 Sweater for ourselves we were impressed with both the quality of the piece, as well as how it retained its softness and overall look even after washing. There was no pilling, no stretching and no color fading. Better yet, the sweater got softer after we hand washed it.

Of course, there are plenty of other cashmere offerings to be found, if you’re in the market for more than just an everyday sweater. There are also hoodies, cardigans, dresses, socks, gloves and scarves.

Quality cashmere goods that are everything we’d expect from a premium purveyor, but for a fraction of the cost? We can think of nothing better to kick off the fall season.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.