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Editor’s note: The Commuter Collection is set to restock on January 24 and has sold out twice in the last 4 months. That means, you’re going to want to get your hands on these shoes while supplies last.

Nisolo, the eco-friendly shoe brand we’ve raved about before, just launched a brand new collection of “city ready” shoes. “City ready” simply means that these shoes have rubber soles so they can withstand the elements. As for the design, they’re every bit as stylish as the pairs we’ve seen from the brand in past seasons. Now, the only difference is that they’ll last longer and be more durable — and who doesn’t love that?

Aside from Nisolo’s knack for consistently putting out fashionable footwear, the other big reason we’re fans of the brand is its eco-friendly practices. Nisolo’s shoes, which are made from leather, are manufactured with the environment (and its workers) in mind.

In an effort to follow more sustainable practices, Nisolo is highly focused on its supply chain. The company creates its products in an eco-conscious manner by using upcycled materials for all of its jewelry, as well as using leather that’s vegetable tanned, which is a much more environmentally friendly tanning process.

When it comes to carbon emissions, Nisolo is working to offset people’s impact on the environment by pledging to save 60,000 trees this year alone. For every pair of Nisolo shoes sold, a contribution is made to protect trees in the Amazon River basin. You can read more about these efforts here.

If Nisolo’s eco-friendly approach to making shoes didn’t sell you on the brand, its new line of durable shoes just might. Nisolo has just released its Commuter Collection of shoes featuring sturdy rubber soles. While we all love the classic look of leather-soled shoes, the moment we’re caught in the rain, those just won’t cut it. Designed with the city dweller in mind, these stylish pairs are made to last.

Dari Boot ($238;


Heeled Chelsea Boot ($228;


Chelsea Boot ($228;

For the guys, there’s this pair of Mateo Moc-Toe Boots ($288; from Nisolo. While they aren’t officially part of the Commuter Collection, this new style also features rubber soles. This modern take on classic moc toe boots is perfect to wear from day to night, no matter the occasion.

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