The Kanye West wing and other political GIFs of the week

(CNN)Did Brett Kavanaugh really become a member of the Supreme Court less than a week ago? (Yes.) Did Kanye West wear a MAGA hat in the Oval Office? (Yes.) Was President Donald Trump on a campaigning tear this week? (Also yes.) Here are this week's political moments that you might not have missed, but might need to watch again.

Rapper and mogul Kanye West had lunch with President Trump on Thursday. He also popped into the Oval Office for a bit, as one does. The thing that got me about this visit was that some people tweeted that they didn't know a single Kanye West song. Have those people never been to a single sporting event? Kanye's oeuvre could almost be regarded as a catalog of sports walk-up songs.
Sen. Bernie Sanders came in hot this week, saying that President Trump has inspired authoritarians globally. Is he test running some potential 2020 campaign themes, perhaps? He has been middling on our 2020 Democratic power rankings, and may be trying to break loose from the pack.
    Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in over the weekend, but he got a primetime ceremonial swearing-in (I am shocked to report that whatever reality TV show I was watching was not interrupted to air it in its entirety) with President Trump. And his first week on the job sounded like a doozy.
    Hi, Speaker Paul Ryan. It's been a minute. And to think, you're only going to be in Washington for a few more months. Perhaps you and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley can talk about your post-politics plans.
    The (only?) downside of traveling on Air Force One has got to be the lack of frequent flier miles. Because President Trump would have been raking those in this week, with stops in Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania and a rally scheduled in Ohio Friday night. This moment had so much color and movement that it was simultaneously mesmerizing and overwhelming.