'Riverdale' and 9 other teen shows worthy of obsession

Updated 6:08 PM ET, Wed October 10, 2018
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Season 3 of the CW's "Riverdale" returns Wednesday night. Mystery, a murder trial and teen angst await. Click through the gallery for nine other shows that make high school worth revisiting. Bettina Strauss/The CW
If you're a 'Riverdale' loyal who hasn't seen this show yet, stop what you're doing and get acquainted with the show that paved the way for dark-and-twisty teen TV. Tell the Scooby Gang we sent you. YouTube/ UPN/ Kuzui Enterprises
If "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was the mother of dark-and-twisty teen TV, "Pretty Little Liars" is its much younger fashionable sister who's kind of shady and has a lot of weird secrets, but you for some reason still want to be her friend. Eric McCandless/ABC Family/Disney
Riggins, Coach Taylor and Connie Britton's perfect hair made for binge-worthy viewing. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't stop missing this show. NBC
In a troubled community seemingly filled with highly troubled teens, Clay tries to figure out a classmate's suicide. Beth Dubber/Netflix/Beth Dubber/Netflix
This salacious teen drama about the lives of a group of silver spoon teens was a feast of fashion, frenemies and far too many romantic pairings. "Elite" on Netflix has drawn some comparisons, but it's worth checking out the OG (original gossiper) for yourself. Xoxo The CW
A baby boomer narrates his formative years in an artfully written, funny and poignant walk down memory lane. Kevin and Winnie forever. 20th Century Fox
The zip code that defined the '90s and made a generation of teen girls choose team Brandon or Dylan. Fox
Impressively wordy conversations, major feels and tears. Lots of tears. Somewhere Dawson, Joey and Pacey are still stuck in a painful love triangle. Warner Bros./Getty Images
The struggle was real for Angela (Claire Danes), a 15-year-old who was simultaneously trying to grow into herself and break out of her straight-laced habits. Authentic and honest, the show treated high school hurdles with the respect they damn deserve. ABC Photo Archives/Disney ABC Television Group/ABC via Getty Images