Photos: The case of Ted Bundy

Updated 4:53 PM ET, Fri January 25, 2019
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One of the only photos in existence of serial killer Ted Bundy and his infamous Volkswagen. Bundy raped and killed at least 16 young women in the early to mid-1970s before he was executed in 1989. MaryLynne Chino/HLN
A relaxed Bundy sits for a photo shoot in Aspen, Colorado, before he escaped custody and became one of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted. Jerry Gay/HLN
A 12-inch light fixture opening in Bundy's jail cell in Colorado. Bundy had lost enough weight to squeeze through the opening and escape to freedom in 1977. KIRO/HLN
Two weeks after he escaped, Bundy attacked the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University, killing two young women and seriously injuring three others. KIRO/HLN
Full dental molds of Bundy's teeth proved a key piece of evidence in sending him to death row. Dr. Richard Souviron/HLN
Authorities had to obtain a search warrant for Bundy's mouth to cast the mold. They later matched them to bite marks left on one of the victims of the Chi Omega sorority house attack. Dr. Richard Souviron/HLN
A 15-year-old girl would prove to be a key eyewitness in alerting authorities that there was a killer on the loose. Sylvia Meixner gave Washington State Police a detailed description of Bundy -- and told them he said, "My name is Ted." It was the first time they had a name. Sylvia Miexner/HLN
Bundy in his high school yearbook. According to his mother, Louise Bundy, Ted was "a very normal, active boy. He did all the things that most boys liked to do. Our son is the best son in the world." KCSO Public Archives/HLN
Bundy looking relaxed and happy cooking dinner with a friend. Getty Images/SLC Deseret News/HLN
Bundy in a signature turtleneck. Dr. Leonard Territo/HLN
A devastated coed stares out the window of the Chi Omega sorority house days after several members were brutally attacked by Bundy. Mark Foley/HLN/AP
Bundy's Volkswagen is now on display at a crime museum in Tennessee. KCSO Public Archives/HLN
An evidence photo of Bundy's murder kit, including a ski mask, handcuffs and rope. It was discovered when Bundy was pulled over by an officer during a traffic stop in Utah. KIRO/HLN
A defiant Bundy publicly pleading "not guilty" to the Florida press moments after he was indicted for murder. Bettmann/HLN/AP