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If you're looking for a small couch or loveseat to fit a small space, look no further

Each couch in this lineup measures under 60 inches (5 feet) wide

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Finding a loveseat that suits both the aesthetic and the size of your seating area can be tricky when space is limited. Trust us when we say we’ve been there, done that — and it’s no easy task.

Recently, however, we’ve noticed that many sites have stylish, small couches in stock. Some sites, such as Amazon, even break it down categorically so that you can search for the exact size you need. Looking for a sofa measuring less than 50 inches? Here are some options.

Since not everyone has time to scour multiple websites and check dimensions, we’ve pulled some options below. Each of these couches measures under 60 inches (5 feet) wide. As an added bonus, they’re all super stylish, too.

1. Snowhill Settee ($269.99,

Size: 28” H x 50” W x 28.5” D

2. Quinones Loveseat ($439.99, originally $489.99;

Size: 30.5” H x 55.8” W x 30” D

3. Marcia Sleeper Loveseat ($599.99, originally $747;

Size: 27.5” H x 57” W x 29” D

4. Rumsey Loveseat ($349.99;

Size: 33” H x 51” W x 29” D

5. Sydnor Settee ($279.99;

Size: 32.75” H x 51.5” W x 30” D

6. Floral Liliana Loveseat ($299, originally $499.99;

Size: 60” W x 33.29” D x 35.8” H

7. Zinus Mid-Century Upholstered Sofa Couch ($349.99;

Size: 52.8” W x 30.7” D x 33.9” H

8. Kelly Green Bini Kenway Upholstered Loveseat ($849.99;

Size: 51” W x 29” D x 35” H

9. Zinus Classic Upholstered Sofa Couch ($309.99;

Size: 53.5” W x 31.1” D x 34.6” H

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.