Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Friday on CNN:

-- The Senate voted 51-49 to move Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination to a final vote. Key swing Sens. Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Joe Manchin announced they will vote to confirm the nominee. The final vote is expected Saturday.
-- Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Van Dyke, who was also convicted of 16 counts of aggravated battery, had faced two counts of first-degree murder. He was found not guilty of official misconduct.
-- Chris Evans bid farewell to his breakout Captain America role on Twitter. After the tweet, #ThankYouChrisEvans began to trend as fans showed appreciation for one of their favorite superheroes.
    -- Swedish-American girl Saga Vanecek found a pre-Viking-era sword in a Swedish lake. Locals are now calling the eight-year-old the "Queen of Sweden."
    -- Actor Ben Affleck posted an Instagram statement revealing he recently completed a 40-day stay at a treatment center and continues outpatient care for alcohol addiction. Affleck, 46, entered rehab in August. He previously sought treatment in 2001 and 2017.
    -- Mattress Firm, America's largest bed store, has filed for bankruptcy. Mattress Firm said it will quickly close 200 underperforming stores and make decisions about whether to close or maintain the other 500 locations in the coming weeks.
    -- The birds in Gilbert, Minnesota, are drunk, but not on purpose. Police say it may be the result of eating berries that have fermented earlier than usual because of an early frost.
      -- A major study found that Vitamin D supplements do not improve bone mineral density or prevent fractures or falls in adults. Health professionals are being advised to stop recommending the supplements to most patients.
      -- The US unemployment rate is at a 49-year-low. The unemployment rate fell to 3.7% in September, the lowest level since December 1969.