Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in Adam McKay's "Vice."
Actor stuns in Dick Cheney portrayal
00:55 - Source: HLN
CNN  — 

Good luck finding any hint of Batman in Christian Bale these days, particularly in the trailer for his new film.

In “Vice,” Bale, an actor famous for his over-the-top transformations, undergoes an extreme makeover once again to play former vice president Dick Cheney.

The trailer for the film, from Annapurna Pictures, debuted on Wednesday.

In theaters on Christmas Day, “Vice” tells the story of how Cheney, in his role as vice president to George W. Bush (played by Sam Rockwell in the fim), “became the most powerful man in the world” and reshaped “the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today,” according to a description from the studio.

In the nearly two-minute trailer, Cheney is seen in conversation with Bush, who is trying to convince him to be his running mate. But Cheney is hesitant.

“The vice presidency is mostly a symbolic job,” he says. “However, if we came to a, uh, different understanding…”

The film comes from Adam McKay, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “The Big Short.”

Amy Adams (playing Lynne Cheney), Steve Carell (playing Donald Rumsfeld), and Alison Pill (playing Mary Cheney) also star.