The 2019 Vladimir Putin calendar

Published 11:18 AM ET, Tue October 2, 2018
01_Putin 2019 calendar01_Putin 2019 calendar
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What calendar devoted to Vladimir Putin would be complete without a shirtless entry? Here's one January image. Charbel Mallo/CNN
Putin likes to project himself as a keen outdoorsman. Charbel Mallo/CNN
March's photo feature a martial theme. Charbel Mallo/CNN
In April, we get a more relaxed, even avuncular Russian leader. Charbel Mallo/CNN
The picture for May is of a more formal Putin with heavy security. Charbel Mallo/CNN
June is all about the adorable puppy with the Russian President as animal lover. Charbel Mallo/CNN
For July, it's back to the active, outdoorsy leader. Charbel Mallo/CNN
December's image shows Putin enjoying the trappings of power. Charbel Mallo/CNN