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A key witness in the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh produced and starred in a series of videos that shed more light on just who exactly is Mark Judge, a man who has been largely silent as a political storm has raged around the alleged assault of Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford has testified that Judge was in the room when Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her, groping her and attempting to remove her clothes while holding his hand over her mouth. According to Ford, it was Judge jumping on Kavanaugh that allowed her to escape the room where the alleged incident took place. Kavanaugh denies the allegation and Judge says he has no memory of the event.

CNN reviewed 20 videos apparently made by Judge that were archived online. Some of the titles of the videos match the names of videos that Judge posted to his now-defunct Google Plus page.

The videos are short vignettes, mostly four or five minutes in length, and include a mix of titles like “My Subconscious (Outtakes)” and also stream-of-consciousness narratives with Judge on-camera in an informal, selfie-like style of shooting, talking about philosophy, religion and other topics.

When asked for comment on the videos, Judge’s attorney, Barbara Van Gelder, said, “Mr. Judge took down his YouTube site several weeks ago. Someone has inappropriately uploaded old Mark Judge videos without Mark Judge’s knowledge or consent. We will be reporting this matter to YouTube and we request that you do not republish these unauthorized videos.”

CNN viewed the videos on the Internet Archive, a nonprofit that shows past versions of websites. CNN was unable to verify when the videos were filmed and produced.

A film by Mark Judge

Some of the videos are provocative in nature: young women lying on a bed in bikinis in “An Autumn Day at Virginia Beach” and another video dedicated to Playboy Magazine in “Book Review: Hugh Hefner Playboy.”

“My Subconscious (Outtakes)” begins with what appears to be the silhouette of Judge standing outside, then transitions to video of a rough ocean, a party with couples dancing happily, a church Mass, a Brooks Brothers store, a woman lying in her bra on a bed and another woman lying on a bed covered in political pamphlets that read “Obama’s Betrayal of Israel.”

A cast of women, almost all fresh-faced and buxom, offer intense stares into the camera and wide smiles depending on the mood of the video. The women portrayed on camera do not speak in the short films that CNN reviewed; instead, music sets the mood.

Another short, “The Girl from Leesburg VA,” features a woman looking at wedding dresses in a shop, then cuts to her slurping down oysters.

References to the Washington area are sprinkled throughout the videos – the Georgetown neighborhood is the backdrop as Judge walks and talks in one video about the Christian movie-making industry.

In another video where Judge addresses the camera directly, he discusses a book that he’s reading, “The Evidential Power of Beauty,” by Thomas Dubay, in a one-sided dialogue with the camera as he walks around Catholic University.

“We’re spiritual creatures, unlike animals, and when we see forms like a flower or great architecture or a pretty face, we can see both its form but also penetrate through to its spiritual core, which is why if we are alive to beauty as Father Dubay says, we will be sort of seized and raptured by something beautiful,” Judge says.

“Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty. That’s why if you go out on a date with someone who is beautiful, and they have no Christian charity and they’re narcissistic and cruel, an ugliness creeps in. So don’t let that happen to you,” he advises at the end.

Justice Under God

Judge penned two autobiographical books, titled “Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk” and “God and Man at Georgetown Prep,” that detail his time at the elite boarding school. In one video reviewed by CNN, Judge offers a first-person tour of the campus as it is undergoing renovations and construction. His reason for visiting the campus is to drop off a print of one of his father’s paintings to be auctioned off at the school’s gala.

“I know they’ve asked me not to film here, they’ve told me not to film here. They’ve explained the legal ramifications of filming here, but this was part of my past and these videos are part of my history, so bring on the lawyers,” he says into the camera.

Judge reminisces on the events that occurred in an old gym that is under renovation: school dances, basketball games, gym class and receptions after homecoming games.

He leads the viewer into Mackavanaugh Hall, where Judge says he had most of his academic classes. A map of Georgetown Prep’s campus confirms that such a building exists.

Judge reveals long-term plans to return to teaching but adds, “You never know, here in Washington, this archdiocese is wonderful, but it tends to be liberal in some parts and they will blackball you if you’re too orthodox, but we’ll see.”

At one point, he walks by the Dean of Students office – “I spent a lot of time in there.” He then leads the viewer to the “JUG room,” the Justice Under God room, where Judge says he spent time during detention.

He concludes with a quote that references a moment from his past: “This will be an inside joke that only a few people will get, but a wise man in this building once said history is a seamless web,” Judge says.