'The Oath'
CNN  — 

If you think you’ve seen all that Tiffany Haddish has to offer, think again.

When the dark comedy “The Oath” hits the big screen in October, fans of Haddish will surely recall the personality they fell in love with watching the 2017 blockbuster “Girls Trip.” But they’ll also see more from the actress.

“Oh honey, the repertoire is very vast, and wide, and long,” Haddish said at “The Oath” premiere on Tuesday. “You’ll see. There’s more to come. This is just the beginning, boo. Just the beginning.”

Directed by comedian Ike Barinholtz and co-produced by Haddish, “The Oath” follows the story of a controversial White House policy that asks American citizens to sign a loyalty pledge to the president. Sparring relatives with passionate political positions must decide whether to sign the oath by a Thanksgiving deadline, resulting in complete pandemonium. Instead of basking in the warm holiday spirit, knives are drawn at the dinner table – and let’s just say they’re not intended for cutting food.

“This is a really poignant subject matter that I feel could be possible,” Haddish jokingly warned. “All I have to say is, I pray for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Haddish has risen to the forefront of the comedy scene with her signature style, and it occasionally comes across through her “Oath” character, Kai. But in the film she plays a peacemaker, notably trying to cool tensions instead of adding fuel to the fire.

“The message of the movie is that we have to try our best to not let external forces – that we have marginal control over – permanently disable our personal relationships,” said director Barinholtz.

Timely indeed, this comedy doesn’t shy away from mocking the current political polarization in the United States. In fact, the jokes may even cut deeper when viewers are reminded about their not-so-distant realities.

“The Oath” releases in theaters October 12, 2018.