What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN)A seal did not come to play. A snake goes viral. And a very good doggy gets a second chance. It's time for this week's politics-free news.

A slap in the face

A seal attacks a kayaker with an octopus. Yes, you read that right.

A double surprise

    A rare discovery was made in northern Virginia. A two-headed baby copperhead slithered in the yard of a resident.

    A veterinary first

    A dog lost part of her skull to cancer. So researchers printed her a 3D one.

    A teachable moment

    4-year-old Florence didn't like sharing her name with a bad hurricane. So she did something about it.

    A 'happy energy'

    This custodian has been spreading kindness for more than 11 years. This summer, students decided it was time to return the favor.

      A link to mental health

      A Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. But did you know that it could lower the risk of depression?