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The Trump administration imposed sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s wife and three other members of his inner circle.

On Tuesday, the Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Cilia Adela Flores de Maduro, the former attorney general and President of the National Assembly.

Delcy Rodriguez, the executive vice president of Venezuela and Jorge Rodriguez, the minister of popular power for communication and information, and Vladimir Padrino, the defense minister also were also sanctioned by the US government.

“We are continuing to designate loyalists who enable Maduro to solidify his hold on the military and the government while the Venezuelan people suffer,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

The US has been putting pressure on Maduro’s inner circle to weaken his grip of power as the people of Venezuela continue to suffer under hyperinflation, food shortages and a decline in oil production.

“Venezuela is a very sad case and we want to see it fixed – what’s happening there is a human tragedy,” President Donald Trump told reporters in New York, ahead of his speech at the United Nations General Assembly.