Celebrated food researcher to step down after research is questioned

Brian Wansink will step down from Cornell University after an investigation reportedly uncovered misconduct.

Story highlights

  • Studies co-authored by a leading researcher in food psychology have been retracted
  • Brian Wansink announced that he's stepping down next year but stands by his findings

(CNN)Brian Wansink may have helped shape our country's relationship with food. As director of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab and in roles for the US Department of Agriculture, Wansink has led headline-grabbing research on healthy eating, portion control and food psychology.

But concerns about his research came to a head on Wednesday when leading medical journals retracted six of his articles, the Journal of the American Medical Association announced.
On Thursday, he tendered his resignation after 14 years with the university, effective June 30, 2019. Soon after he told CNN that he stands by his findings, Cornell said an investigation had concluded that Wansink had committed academic misconduct.