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Ready to expand your leggings collection? Look no further than Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity capsule collection. The line features new and exclusive releases of the brand’s famous “bum-sculpting” leggings.

We should note that the word “bum-sculpting” is Sweaty Betty’s, not ours. But hey, we’re all for flattering clothing, even when it comes to our gymwear.

In honor of its 20th year in business, Sweaty Betty recently launched new styles of its bum-sculpting Zero Gravity leggings. This design is the brand’s highest compression legging, made of a technical Italian fabric that’s both breathable and sweat-wicking.

Sweaty Betty leggings are carefully designed and popular among fitness enthusiasts, and they’re an editor favorite among our team. My own are by far the comfiest and most flattering leggings I own. I work out daily, and whenever they aren’t in the wash, they’re in my gym bag. If I stop and think about why they’re my favorite, it surely has to do with the quality, moisture-wicking material that’s super comfortable and moves with me. Then there’s the compression aspect of the zero gravity leggings, which helps to support your muscles and ligaments.

While the price of $135 may seem steep, it’s a worthy investment if you’re hitting the gym regularly. Sweaty Betty customers say great things about the brand and its leggings, too. The most recent Zero Gravity line already has a following. In reviews, one customer said, “Perfect for sweaty workouts. [They] dried instantly after a spin class. They felt like [a] second skin during the class. [I] never had to adjust the waistband.” Another fan called them the best leggings she owns and left a 5-star rating.

For those familiar with the brand and its legacy, it’s hard to believe it’s been two decades since the women’s fitness line opened up shop in Notting Hill, London, and founder Tamara Hill-Norton began pioneering to change the face of women’s activewear.

In a press release regarding the launch of the new line, Hill-Norton said: “When I first moved to London after university, the activewear scene for women was literally a tiny patronising section at the back of men’s sports shops. I was working as a buyer at the time and we had just started to do sportswear when I finally found bright pieces that were designed for women, I knew straight away there was an opportunity here.”

With that, Hill-Norton and her team got to work designing. They’ve been reinventing the brand ever since. Of their many hit activewear pieces, the bum-sculpting leggings have earned the biggest reputation. In 2017, these leggings made up 47% of all Sweaty Betty’s sales. Talk about a fan favorite!

“We’ve spent twenty years perfecting the fit and fabric of our leggings, to ensure they really flatter your bum and legs and perform under the toughest conditions,” said head of design Lisa Ndwuke in the press release.

To see the line for yourself, head on over to Sweaty Betty to invest in some bum-sculpting action.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.