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Like Warby Parker in the eyewear industry and Away in the luggage space, Casper has completely changed the way consumers think about shopping for something as seemingly ordinary as a mattress.

This direct-to-consumer company has disrupted the mattress industry by cutting out the middleman, eliminating the need for high markups, making delivery simple and, most of all, making shopping affordable and hassle-free. It’s thanks to this model, plus the overall quality of the product, that Casper has won plenty of awards, including the Big Innovation Award in 2016 and Time’s 25 Best Inventions of 2015.

With the brand skyrocketing to popularity, chances are you might even have a Casper mattress at home right now. But do you have the Casper sheets to go along with it? That’s right, this top-notch mattress brand is also trying its hand at the perfect bedding.

If you’re wondering why investing in your sheets is so important, we’ve got an answer for you. As we’ve mentioned before, choosing the right materials for your sleeping patterns (either being a warm or cold sleeper) can help make you more comfortable at night. That means less tossing and turning, and more peaceful sleep.

For those ready for an upgrade, consider Casper’s newest array of sheets. Casper’s bedding collection includes three distinct lines that are made with certain sleepers in mind. Its Cool Supima line features breathable, year-round bedding. Its Airy Linen is soft and light, which makes it ideal for warm sleepers, and its Weightless Cotton is simple and wrinkle-resistant, making it a solid everyday option.


Regardless of the collection, all of Casper’s bedding is made with quality in mind. That means that thread count isn’t the be-all and end-all here. In fact, Casper says that more threads can actually make sheets heavier and more uncomfortable. Instead, the company has focused on the quality of materials. For the Cool Supima line, that means utilizing 100% California-grown Supima cotton. For Airy Linen, 100% Belgian flax linen is at the core of the collection. And for Weightless Cotton, it’s 100% superfine long-staple cotton. All sheets are made using premium, eco-friendly materials and come in a variety of color options. When we tested the product, we were impressed with the durability and quality of the sheets as well as their softness.

To round out the bedding offerings, Casper also sells a down duvet (starting at $250; and an ergonomic pillow (starting at $75; Just consider the site your new one-stop shop for basically everything you need to get a solid night’s rest.


It goes without saying that the best aspect of the new bedding collection is its quality and how it’s customizable to your own sleeping needs. But another great aspect is the price. The cotton sheet sets start at just $75, which is significantly lower than the prices at many other luxury retailers out there, even ones that sell direct to consumer and cut down on middleman markups.

The company has made investing in luxury bedding and everything it entails — mattresses, bed frames and all — a more economical process. That means you can sleep easy knowing you have a set of quality linens that didn’t cost you next month’s rent.