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Shop the Club Fall Home Catalog sale for deals on items for autumn now through October 10

Here, you can invest in home decor, furniture, door mats, coffee makers, kitchenware and more

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With torrid temperatures still scorching much of the country, it’s easy to forget that fall is just around the corner. But it’s true! It’s been happening for millions of years, so there’s no reason to think it’s going to change now.

And in keeping with tradition, you can expect an influx of fresh product lines, catalogs and sales to go with your newly leaf-littered lawns and lower nighttime lows. One of our favorites this year is the Fall Home Catalog sale from Sam’s Club, which runs through October 10.

Not a member? Basic membership ($45 per year, is dirt cheap and gets you access to 597 clubs across the United States and Puerto Rico. With Sam’s Plus ($100 per year, you get essential benefits like free shipping from the online store, earlier store hours so you can shop without the crowds, and lots of other perks, too. (Free flat tire repair, battery testing, wiper blade installation, discounts on eyeglasses — and more.)

That’s a pretty sweet value proposition, especially at this time of year. With so many holidays crowding the upcoming schedule, now’s a good time to get a head start on the savings. (Plus there’s something comforting in the knowledge that a Sam’s membership makes a great go-to gift — you can finally put to rest that perennial anxiety about what to get your mother-in-law!)

Here’s what caught our eye:

Set of two glass pumpkins with microlights ($49.98,

Right out of the gate we’re hitting the autumn décor hard. How could we do otherwise — look at how cute these little guys are! Now imagine them on your shelf or mantle. There you are beside their warm pumpkin glow, curled up under your favorite throw and sipping a cup of tea. You glance up from your book and out the window at the rainy tail end of an October evening. Feels good, doesn’t it? All that could be yours, and for a steal. What are you waiting for?

Member’s Mark 26-inch harvest wreath ($34.98,

Human beings have been celebrating the harvest months for millennia. Why would you break with that solemn tradition? You wouldn’t, so go easy on yourself and pick up this fully decorated wreath — in “traditional warm” or “contemporary cool” — and call it a day. You’ll make your ancestors happy you did.

De’Longhi combination espresso and coffee machine with advanced cappuccino system ($149.98,

OK, enough fall fun and games. It’s time to get serious — coffee serious. You need it. We need it. The world would fall apart without it. But why are we paying so much for some barista to pour our joe? (Here’s looking at you, Starbucks.) Square that circle and handcraft your own café-quality beverages on the cheap from the comfort of your own home with this compact De’Longhi. It’s easy to use and covers all the coffee basics — you got your espressos, your lattes, your cappuccinos, even your regular brew, all in one place and for one very reasonable price.

Bloomfield comfort kitchen mat ($12.98,

Where has this been all our lives? That’s exactly how we felt the first time we slapped down a kitchen mat and went to town on a sinkful of dirty dishes. The comfort, the ease, all that delicious nonskid PVC foam cradling our feet… Now the total absence of mats from the kitchens of our childhood strikes us as criminal. Think of all those hours we spent barefoot on the bare tile, scrubbing away for our post-dinner chores… It ends now. Say it with me: I will buy this mat and banish kitchen fatigue for all future generations. (Hot tip: The “Blue Heather” looks amazing.)

Epicurious 14-piece aluminum cookware set ($129.98,

Chances are you’re going to a wedding this fall — at least according to wedding website, which found that 40% of all 2018 weddings will take place during the months of September and October. That’s a lot of newlyweds. And some of them are going to need help breaking those bad food habits they picked up during their single days. (Pizza five nights in a row isn’t healthy, no matter what Congress says.) That’s where this gorgeous set comes in. It’s got everything you need for scrumptious home-cooked meals, and at a generous price point to boot.

Ashton dining set ($1499 - $2,749,

You can’t go wrong with a sturdy wooden dining room set designed in a classic style. This one’s crafted from solid acacia, a durable, water-resistant hardwood with a rich color and beautiful grain. That means no MDF or particle board — this set is built to last. And the 20-inch butterfly leaf means the table can expand along with your growing family, or with the party.

Waverly Kids Buon Viaggio reversible bedding collection ($49.98 - $59.98,

We love the age-of-exploration charm inherent in all things longitudinal, latitudinal and compass-related, which means we’re suckers for this one. Plus, it’s our job as adults to feed the imagination of the children in our lives. So why wouldn’t we want to spark a sense of adventure in the mind of a beloved tyke with this lovely map-print bedding collection?

Member’s Mark luxury faux fur throw ($29.98,

Guys. Guys. Have you seen the reviews on this throw? 4.8 stars. 195 reviewers. Lines like “best blanket ever” and “ridiculously soft” being bandied about. All good signs if you’re looking for a luxurious oversized throw to snuggle under on those long autumn evenings. And honestly, who isn’t looking for that? What else is fall for?

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.