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Dallas police are obtaining a warrant on manslaughter charges against a police officer who shot and killed a man after entering an apartment she mistakenly thought was her own, police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall said Friday.

The shooting took place Thursday night at the South Side Flats. The white patrol officer has not been identified, but her name will be released when she is formally charged, Hall told reporters.

The slain man was identified as Botham Shem Jean, 26, of St. Lucia.

“Right now, there are more questions than answers,” Hall said. Her initial remarks at a news conference were also posted on the Dallas police blog.

The shooting occurred at the South Side Flats in Dallas.
Ryan Tarinelli/AP
The shooting occurred at the South Side Flats in Dallas.

“A female Dallas police officer returned to what she believed to be her apartment after her shift ended – she was still in uniform when she encountered Mr. Jean inside the apartment,” Hall said.

The chief said it isn’t clear what “the interaction was between her and the victim. Then at some point she fired her weapon striking the victim.”

The officer called 911 and officers “responded in about four minutes,” Hall said. Rescue crews transported Jean to a hospital, where he later died.