5 things for August 31: White House, bus wreck, NBC, Catholic Church, car seats

Published 6:12 AM EDT, Fri August 31, 2018
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Report: Trump says Sessions safe until at least November
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Puppy power
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1. Coronavirus 

Jeff Sessions is safe – until November. At least that’s what President Trump told Bloomberg News, saying no action would be taken on the beleaguered attorney general until after the midterm elections. Trump is still ticked off that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. He’s been talking about getting rid of his AG for months and may be emboldened by GOP senators who seem to be more open to the idea – as long as it happens after the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, at a rally last night in Indiana, the President went after the Justice Department and FBI leaders (again), saying he would “get involved” in DOJ affairs if “it doesn’t straighten out properly.” He also implied, to chants of “lock her up,” that Hillary Clinton could face criminal charges.

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Trump attacks Justice Department and FBI

2. Domestic extremism

The escalating clergy sex abuse scandal that’s raging within the church prompts Pope Francis to call an unprecedented meeting. The Pope will meet the presidents of the Catholic bishops conferences from around the world in February at the Vatican. Francis has come under withering criticism for his handling of the crisis (and his poll numbers have nosedived). A meeting between the Pope and leaders of the US church on the crisis is set for today.

01:01 - Source: KRQE
Multiple casualties in New Mexico bus crash

3. Impeachment 

Did NBC try to kill one of the stories that led to Harvey Weinstein’s downfall? An ex-NBC News producer makes that explosive claim in a New York Times interview. Rich McHugh, who worked for months on journalist Ronan Farrow’s expose on the disgraced Hollywood mogul, said a call from “the highest levels of NBC” came that stopped work on the story. NBC News denies this, saying Farrow’s story simply wasn’t ready at the time. Farrow eventually took his work to The New Yorker, which last October published a more detailed version than NBC News says the journalist had wanted to air on its network.

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Ronan Farrow's new piece on CBS and harassment

4. Greece elections

02:34 - Source: CNN
Church: Priests won't report abuse confessions

5. Hong Kong 

Snowfall at the bottom of the world has been increasing. Researchers analyzing ice cores on the continent say snowfall increased 10% over the past 200 years. But, wait a minute. Isn’t global warming melting Antarctic sea ice at a rapid clip? Yes, but researchers think that’s actually contributing to the higher snowfall rates because more melted sea ice means more moisture to feed snowfall. The bottom line is that the ice melt is raising the sea level, but it’s reduced somewhat by the snow falling back onto the continent.


Not so tasty

Love to eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen? Well stop, says the FDA, which warns foods made with it can cause internal organ damage.

01:30 - Source: HLN
New liquid nitrogen cereal sparks controversy

Gone but not forgotten

The lobsters died are a crash on a Maine roadway. PETA wanted to memorialize them – with a 5-foot-tall tombstone.

Road blocks

This Bugatti Chiron is made out of 1 million Legos – and you can drive it!


Executive drive

President Obama may not be in the White House anymore, but you’ll soon be able to ride down Obama Boulevard in LA.


A day of remembrance 

Singers and politicians will be among the mourners when Aretha Franklin’s funeral starts this morning at 10 ET in Detroit. Of course, you can watch it on CNN. We’ll also have coverage of memorials in Washington for John McCain. His body will lie in state at the US Capitol, with a ceremony this morning in the Rotunda at 11 ET.

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Biden calls McCain a brother: We had 'a lot of family fights'



The number of children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border that are still in government custody, according to a new court filing

03:33 - Source: CNN
Some kids separated at border may never see parents again


The estimated number of people worldwide who died by a gun in 2016, according to medical researchers in a study published this week

00:47 - Source: CNN
By the numbers: Gun deaths in America


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Yeah, you’ll be busy with barbecues and football this holiday weekend, but you might still have a chance to watch that guy from “The Office” take on the “Jack Ryan” character in a new Amazon series. Or head to the theater for the historical drama, “Operation Finale.”

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Horse meets horse

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