PHOTO: Evan Vucci/AP
(CNN) —  

Following Sen. John McCain’s death over the weekend, it was a hella depressing week in politics.

But, as in all rough times, you can eventually find some moments of levity if you look long and hard enough.

Here’s some happier moments you may have missed:

President Donald Trump had a big trade announcement on Monday, so he brought in special guest Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to help him. And by “brought in” I mean “attempted to put on speakerphone.” Apparently it was not a thing someone decided to troubleshoot beforehand.

In what was definitely one of the most relatable moments of the Trump presidency so far, technology turned on him, and he had to get an aide to fix it. Look at how many buttons he had to push! Most cheat codes require fewer strokes.

I’m sorry that we have now spent half of this GIFticle focused on this moment, but can we talk about how much of a technical disaster it could have been had Canada actually been included at this stage in the game? Conference calls are nightmares. Moving on.

What’s the first lady up to? Being smarter than the rest of us and ditching technology for a shovel. Getting her hands dirty. Being outside. Ceremonially planting trees.

In a moment that did not get enough attention, President Trump is definitely on the soccer bandwagon. (Do we collectively like soccer now? Someone let me know.) FIFA President Gianni Infantino handed Trump a red card – which in soccer gets you kicked out of the game – and Trump jokingly mimed handing it to the media. Nice.

You read that right, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Members of Congress are lobbying to keep you from getting fired. Before the midterms, at least. Isn’t helping you keep your job because of the possible political implications of your termination what friends are for?