More kids in Washington miss their first day of school due to teacher strikes. Seattle could be next

More Washington state teachers could go on strike just as the school year begins.

(CNN)The wave of teacher strikes spreading across Washington has forced seven school districts to miss their first day of school.

And unless Seattle officials find a resolution soon, more than 53,000 students in the state's largest district could miss school indefinitely.
On Wednesday, unresolved disputes over salaries and benefits meant students missed their first day of classes at Battle Ground Public Schools, Longview Public Schools, Vancouver Public Schools, the Hockinson School District and the Ridgefield School District.
Negotiations between local teacher associations, the school districts and state-appointed mediators are ongoing, the school districts said.
    On Tuesday, students were supposed to start classes at Evergreen Public Schools and the Washougal School District. But those plans got derailed because teachers and district officials are still negotiating new contracts.
    This latest series of strikes show teachers are ready to pick up where nationwide teacher protests left off last spring.

    Seattle teachers get ready to strike

    On Tuesday night, members of the Seattle Education Association voted to give their union the power to call a strike if the SEA and Seattle Public Schools can't reach a deal on teacher contracts.
    Seattle schoolchildren are supposed to start school next Wednesday. But if the adults can't reach an agreement before then, the kids might stay home indefinitely.
    School district officials said they doesn't want to see that happen.
    "We remain optimistic that school will begin September 5," Seattle Public Schools said Wednesday in a statement.

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