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Ariana Grande performs "Natural Woman" with The Roots on August 16

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Wednesday on CNN:

-- White House counsel Don McGahn will leave his job in the fall, President Trump said. The announcement comes nearly two weeks after a report that McGahn had cooperated extensively with Robert Mueller's investigation. Here's why this news is a big deal.
-- A second person employed by the Trump Organization discussed a potential immunity deal with federal prosecutors, sources said.
-- Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's guilty plea last week stunned Washington. Now as he waits for his sentencing, people close to Cohen say he's resigned to serving jail time in order to protect his family.
    -- Florida voted in elections last night and now a Bernie-backed progressive will go up against a Trump-styled Republican for governor. It's a fight that says everything about US politics right now.
    -- Speaking of Florida, the state's Republican nominee for governor said a vote for his black opponent would "monkey this up." People are accusing him of racism.
    -- Sen. John McCain was honored at a ceremony inside the Arizona State Capitol, as members of the public paid their final respects.
    -- Ariana Grande will perform at Aretha Franklin's funeral on Friday. The Queen of Soul left no final instructions for the service, so here's how her family organized a week's worth of festivities to honor her.
    -- Cynthia Nixon and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will square off in a hotly anticipated debate tonight.
    -- You might want to think twice about consuming kosher chicken. Or at least be extra careful.
    -- Maybe try fake meat for a change? Just don't call it that, a new Missouri law says.
      -- Tennis fans are slamming Amazon's first attempt at covering the US Open.
      -- Remember that time Kanye West called slavery "a choice?" Now the rapper is trying to make amends.