CHARLES & KEITH Labor Day Sale: Save 10-15% on one of our favorite fashion labels

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  • Shop the Charles & Keith Labor Day Sale for curated collections of footwear, bags, accessories, eyewear, costume jewelry and more
  • From August 29 to September 4 you can score great deals on the site using code CKLBDAY10

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Ah, Labor Day. How we love your barbeques, crowded beaches, and federally mandated celebration of society's elbow grease — not to mention the sales. And if you're a hardworking woman (or know one), then you'll appreciate Charles & Keith's deep Labor Day discounts. This fashion-forward brand has a reputation for constant reinvention, offering modern designs and curated collections of footwear, bags, accessories, eyewear, costume jewelry, and more. From August 28 to September 4 you can score great deals on the site using code CKLBDAY10 for 10% off regular priced items and CKLBDAY15 for 15% off regular priced items for purchases above $180.

Here's what we'll be eyeing between beach reads and burgers:

Studded Pointed Slingbacks ($49;

Summer foot sweat is a real thing, and it's gross. Now's the perfect time to defunk your footwear with a fall refresh. These black and white slingbacks look great dressed up for dates, drinks, or that all-important work presentation you need to knock out of the park. Teachers stand to benefit from the chunky curved heel, too — a little extra heft goes a long way in making an impression as you tap-tap across the floor these first weeks of school.

Buckle Flat Mules ($39;

Jane Austen once wrote: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single foot in possession of a slipper, has reached the apotheosis of comfort." Ok, that's not quite what she wrote, but still — it's true, isn't it? And if your dream (like ours) is to wear slippers to work, well, look no further. These mules do a nice job of riding that delicate line between comfort and professionalism and they come out on top without sacrificing either. So here's to you, Jane, you wise footwear-philosopher you.

Wristlet Handle Bucket Bag ($69,

It's hard to find handbags that stand out these days, what with all the Kate Spade clones and Louis Vuitton knockoffs knocking about. That's why we love this cute little bucket bag. It's different, but not in an ostentatious or offbeat way. The chunky, almost geometric design really does it for us, especially in mustard, where the bag's sleek lines are allowed to pop. And the wristlet handle gives this one legs deep into autumn. Pair it with a trench coat with sleeve straps and you've got your next go-to for fall fashion.

Structured Handbag ($69,

Want something a little more classic? This structured handbag hits a lot of high notes. It's got a strong, elemental shape. The straps are thin and elegant. And that bar of gold -- it's perfect. Together, these little touches just work. We like it in red or ocean especially, since you can play these rich colors off your outfits in all sorts of interesting ways. Plus, we can see them working like champs in sweater season.

Semi-precious Stone Double Necklace ($39,

Play it safe too much and you'll never feel the thrill of discovery. That's how we feel about this reimagined double necklace, with its playful squiggle, black stone disk, and golden bean. Sure, it's bold and maybe even a little reckless, but there's something frisky and contemporary in there that we can't help liking. Too wild? We're also feeling the more subdued Keith Haring vibe in the matching bangle.

Chain Detail Crystal Bangle ($29,

Accessorizing is all about the details. Which is why we love the tiny, delicate hands that make up the clasps on this bangle. It's like a little secret for you and your especially observant friends and co-workers. And the hands are wearing little bangles of their own! How cute is that?

Embellished Buckle Belt ($29,

The trusty belt sometimes gets overlooked as a mere workaday part of your wardrobe, but we're here to tell you it can be so much more. Case in point: Take this round golden buckle, inlaid with green gems. Draws the eye, doesn't it? Pair it with simple, neutral colors and you've got yourself a classy little number, something refined and elegant. And as you celebrate hard work and sweat this holiday weekend, isn't elegance worth celebrating, too?

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