Why your business needs to switch to HelloSign for e-signatures

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  • Meet HelloSign, a platform for the digital collection of legally binding signatures on documents
  • This platform automates signature reminders and standardizes the process for a more optimized workflow for you, your company and your customers

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It's easy to think that everything and everyone has gone digital these days, but a trip to your local DMV is all it takes to be disabused of that notion. The reality is many businesses and institutions still generate reams of paperwork.

We check boxes. We fill in bubbles. We tear away yellow sheets of carbonless triplicate. We sign our important documents by hand.

But the digital dream persists, and for good reason. Managing all those sheets of paper is a big expense for businesses. And for end users, so used to the smooth swipes and clicks of the internet age, the hassle of paper feels downright anachronistic.

There's a better way.

Enter HelloSign, a platform for the digital collection of legally binding signatures on documents. Want to reduce administrative overhead? HelloSign automates signature reminders, standardizes the process, and voila! Say hello to a better, more optimized workflow for you, your company and your customers.

Moving from paper to digital can help the bottom line, too. Collecting and completing paperwork digitally helps businesses prevent user drop-off. And moving to eSignature — a way of digitally verifying identity and signing important documents — increases revenue on average by 8% in its first year.

Thanks to a versatile API, HelloSign makes it easy to integrate eSignature into your own app — or anywhere else you need a digital John Hancock.

If all this talk of digitization and APIs makes your head spin, check out HelloSign's Digital Strength Program. This free 12-month course is taught by HelloSign experts and gives practical advice on how to implement digital transformation, no matter who you are — CEO, new hire or someone in-between. Subscribers get a new course every month, with extra goodies like white papers and companion videos.

Signing up is free, too. That's good news for anyone who's trying to drag their company into the digital age.

After all, it's not a matter of if, but when. Remaining competitive means hopping on the digital transformation train — and the train is already leaving the station. HelloSign is a solid choice for professionals who refuse to be left behind.