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A British royal’s singing chops revealed, a dolphin awaits rescue, and a skirmish in the English Channel. These are the videos you don’t want to miss this week.

Challenge accepted

01:37 - Source: CNN
Girl surprised by Drake gets heart transplant

Drake spawned the “KiKi Challenge” with his hit song, and an 11-year-old fan filmed a video to “challenge” the rapper to visit her in the hospital. It worked. Watch the girl’s reaction as Drake opens the curtain by her hospital bed.

A whale of a time

00:49 - Source: CNN
Boaters have close call with humpback whale

Whale watchers off the coast of Alaska got quite a show as a humpback whale breached next to their tour boat, causing a splashy display that captivated passengers.

A show-stopping moment

00:53 - Source: CNN
Pink stops concert to comfort a 14-year-old

In the middle of her concert, Pink read a sign held up by a 14-year-old girl saying she had recently lost her mom and could use a hug. Pink walked off the stage and delivered.

A glaring omission

01:43 - Source: CNN
School apologizes for 'sexist' dress code video

A Texas high school is apologizing for causing an uproar after filming a video showcasing school dress code violations. The problem? The video only talked about girls.

A dad’s heartwarming gesture

01:14 - Source: CNN
Surprise daddy-daughter dance goes viral

Phoenix, 2, who is battling leukemia, opened a box from her dad that contained a yellow dress. He walked in to her hospital room to greet her wearing a suit and tie, and the two shared a dance that went viral.