Bill Hennessy
Alexandria, Virginia CNN —  

Paul Manafort’s jurors include teachers, contractors, engineers, an accountant, and one person who works for the Supreme Court, according to a list provided by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

The bare-bones juror biographies list just the jurors’ anonymized numbers, their birth dates, genders, races and ethnicities, occupations and similarly sparse details about their spouses and children, if they have them.

Judge T.S. Ellis has said he won’t release the jurors’ names, and the jurors told him Tuesday they did not want the court to provide their names publicly. With the trial over, each juror can make a personal decision on whether they want to speak to the media.

The list confirms the expectation that the Virginia-based federal jury pool is largely made of educated professionals who have some ties to the federal government, and even the court system.

The intersections some of the jurors have with the accounting profession and general contracting work could have played into their deliberations as well, since both accountants and general contractors testified against Manafort over 12 trial days.

Prosecutors and the defense team were not allowed to ask the jurors who they voted for in the 2016 election.

The potential jurors were asked prior to the start of the trial if they had any biases that could prevent them from reaching an impartial verdict, including their familiarity with the Office of Special Counsel run by Robert Mueller, which brought the case and has been under attack by the President.

In addition to the person who works for the Supreme Court, one juror listed himself as a government contractor. Another juror, who is currently an alternate, works for the US Postal Service.

Two female jurors are married to people with connections to the US Air Force.

The jury consisted of 12 jurors and four alternates. The 12 jurors are split equally in gender. The court identified nine jurors as white and three as Asian.

The oldest juror among the 16 is 68 years old, one year shy of Manafort, and the youngest, currently an alternate, is 23 years old, according to the court.

All but three of the 16 jurors are married, and all of the married jurors have at least one child.

None of the four alternate jurors were asked to engage in the deliberations and final verdict.