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Reporter details what Trump said about Mueller
Washington CNN —  

President Donald Trump said he’s concerned about potential perjury charges that could be brought against him if he were to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump told Reuters in an interview on Monday that he was worried investigators would put his statements up against those who have testified, like ex-FBI Director James Comey.

“Even if I am telling the truth, that makes me a liar,” Trump said, according to Reuters.

Trump’s legal team has previously warned against walking into such a scenario if the President were to sit down for an interview with the special counsel.

On Aug. 8, CNN reported that the President’s team looked to limit topics of questioning during an interview to potential collusion but were open to considering questions relating to any obstruction of justice inquiry as long as they were not “perjury traps.”

“For example: ‘What did you say about Flynn?’ ‘Why did you fire Comey?’ They already know our answer,” Rudy Giuliani said then, referencing former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“If they can show us something in that area that didn’t involve those direct questions, that we don’t consider perjury traps, we would consider it,” Giuliani said, but added that he “can’t think of what that would be.”

Mueller is leading the investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election and is examining any potential ties between the Kremlin and Trump campaign associates. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion.

Trump also told Reuters he has chosen not to be involved in the investigation into Russian interference but “could run it” if he wanted to, according to Reuters.

“I’ve decided to stay out. Now, I don’t have to stay out, as you know. I can go in and I could … do whatever, I could run it if I want,” Trump said to Reuters.

CNN’s Dana Bash and Clare Foran contributed to this report.