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Qalo makes rings for both men and women using a comfortable silicone material

These rings are great for anybody living an active lifestyle

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For many engaged and married couples, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding finding the perfect wedding ring for her and band for him. But if the couple lives an active lifestyle, it’s tough to decide when to leave the ring on and when it’s best to take it off and avoid damaging (or losing) your ring.

Take, for instance, workout classes. I’m newly engaged, and each time I go to do an hour of high-intensity interval training, it feels a bit weird to suddenly have nothing on my finger when I hit the gym. I’m proud to wear my ring each day and wanted to find a way to still wear a band of some sort while working out.

That’s when I came across Qalo, a brand known for its active lifestyle rings. These rings are made from what the brand calls “functional silicone,” so they fit comfortably. They come in a whole range of colors, with styles for both men and women.

At the end of the day — whether you’re married or not — Qalo’s active bands are a great option for the active person who wants to accessorize. They’re affordable and, given the many styles and colors, you’re sure to find one (or more) that suits you, no matter the activity. To get you started, here is a sample of our favorite styles from the brand, all available via Amazon.

Women’s Functional Silicone Rings

1. Thin Stackable Silicone Rings (starting at $11.95;


2. Q2X “Flat Collection” Rings (starting at $17.46;

Men’s Functional Silicone Rings

1. Q2X Step Edge Rings (starting at $17.47;

2. Classic Collection Rings (starting at $12.48;


Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.