Thyroid medications recalled due to risk of impurities

Westminster Pharmaceuticals has recalled some of its thyroid medications

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  • Westminster Pharmaceuticals has recalled some of its medications
  • Customers using the pills should check with their doctor or pharmacist

(CNN)Certain batches of hypothyroid medications are being recalled by Westminster Pharmaceuticals after one of its Chinese suppliers failed a US Food and Drug Administration inspection.

The medication in question contains a combination of levothyroxine, called LT4, and liothyronine, called LT3. Both are synthetic thyroid hormones used when a person's thyroid gland is no longer functioning properly.
"While we stand behind the quality of our product, we are taking the utmost precaution by recalling our Thyroid, USP Tablets only to the wholesale level due to a recent inspection by the FDA at one of our active ingredient manufacturers," Westminster Pharmaceuticals owner and CEO Gajan Mahendiran said in a statement.
    The FDA inspected the Sichuan Friendly Pharmaceutical Co.'s manufacturing plant in October. In a