Space Force 2020! and other big headlines this week

(CNN)This week, White House news revolved around the three S's: sanctions, space and special (special election and special counsel). The Trump administration reimposed US sanctions on Iran, which went back into effect Tuesday. A day later, the State Department announced that the US will impose sanctions on Russia under a chemical and biological warfare law after the poisoning of a former Russian agent and his daughter in the United Kingdom earlier this year. 

Then came #spaceforce. As CNN's Ryan Browne reported, "Vice President Mike Pence called Thursday for the establishment of a Space Force by 2020, while also announcing immediate steps the Department of Defense would take to reform how the military approaches space." BTW, Trump's re-election team is already planning on selling "Space Force" merch.
And although Republicans should be worrying about the House (read more of CNN's analysis from Tuesday's special election here), the President seemed to be in good spirits about the results: 'RED WAVE!" he tweeted Wednesday.
Meanwhile, per Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump's lawyers, the President's legal team has responded to the special counsel. It's the latest effort in negotiations over a possible interview. Now we just wait and see what's to come in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.
    Below, 14 big headlines -- rounded up by The Point's Brenna Williams -- from this week at the White House.