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An effective project manager is one of the best investments a company can make. For many organizations, these professionals, who are are highly trained at executing multilevel projects and initiatives, help companies run more efficiently, reach goals and thrive in the global marketplace.

Typically, they do so by breaking down a company’s long-term goals into a process with specific parts. With a more structured, actionable plan, they’re able to steer an idea from beginning stages to completion in the most optimal manner.

The ability to be detail oriented and methodical when working through a process is a project manager’s bread and butter. In fact, these skills aren’t only valuable for those practicing project management, they’re invaluable to most any professional, no matter his or her occupation.

Since developing highly advanced project management skills requires training, a project management course is a great place to start. However, since many can’t afford to give up their day jobs and go back to school, an at-home course is highly recommended. Below, we’ve rounded up four extremely affordable courses that are available at a great price.

1. The Project Management Professional Certification Training Bundle: Lifetime Access ($49, originally $2,691;

This nine-course, 102-hour bundle comes with every tool needed to master project management. With 698 lessons in nine courses, this lifetime access bundle has a range of coursework designed for students of all levels. This course is taught by iCollege, a collaborative venture between XpertSkills and XpertEase Software.

2. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master Certification Bundle ($69, originally $994;

Learning project management has never been so efficient. This 51-hour, six-course bundle streamlines the learning process to provide only the most actionable instruction. This course is taught by Certs School, an online course database giving students the chance to propel their careers into overdrive without leaving their cubicle.

3. Quality Assurance and Project Management Bundle ($29, originally $2,100;

This seven-course, 45-hour bundle includes top project management methodologies that have helped major companies excel and improve efficiency so they can thrive in the global marketplace. This course is taught by eduCBA, a leading global provider of skill-based education that addresses the needs of 500,000-plus members in more than 40 countries.

4. Agile Project Management Training ($39, originally $1,295;

A foundational course for learning project management methodologies based in tech, Agile is a predominant project management methodology of engineering, IT and other areas of business that aims to provide new product or service development in a highly flexible and interactive manner. As you learn, Agile provides quizzes and exams to test your progress.

Note: The price above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.