WNBA team's travel nightmare results in forfeit after league ruling

The Las Vegas Aces became the first WNBA team to forfeit a game, after declining to take the court on Friday.

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  • Las Vegas Aces forfeited against the Mystics on Friday
  • Aces traveled more than 25 hours to Washington, DC

(CNN)For the first time in WNBA history, there has been a forfeit.

The Las Vegas Aces, who are fighting for one of the league's final playoff spots, declined to play against the Washington Mystics last week, citing safety concerns after traveling for more than 25 hours.
The WNBA announced in a one-sentence statement on Tuesday it considered the move a forfeit "because the Aces failed to appear for the game."
    It's the first time a WNBA game has been canceled in the league's 22-year history.